A Rigel

Long time no see! I’m not sure what possessed me to take photos of a jacket on much a muggy summer day but I recently got my friend to retake photos for me. It’s definitely one of the fanciest things I’ve made (sewing skill wise) and I’m quite proud of how it came out.

The pattern says to use a woven but I had this Marc Jacobs knit (purchased from the Fabric Store in Wellington) that I really wanted to use.

I’m not 100% sold on the bomber style, to be honest, I have jackets that suit me better than the Rigel. I have worn it to uni a few times and received compliments but I’m still a bit iffy.

Like others, I found the sleeves on the Rigel a tad short. I added two centimetres to them but I really should have added more, the sleeves could do to be a little bit longer. I also cut a size smaller than I usually would (I’d heard it ran large) and am happy with the fit, it fits comfortably without being unflatteringly baggy.

I also added a bagged lining, using a thin mesh knit. I’d never done one before and think it’s pretty good for my first time, considering I add to draft it myself! I used two tutorials from Kat and Laney and Grainline Studio to help me, as well as this post by Lladybird.

The Rigel also has welt pockets, which I messed up multiple times. I’ve done double welt pockets before so I thought single welts would be a piece of cake, but I was an idiot and had to unpick and re-do the welts about three times. First I had the pockets inside out, then I put two ‘A’ pocket pieces together instead of A and B and then I did something so weird I don’t even know how to explain it. Looking at the diagrams provided was making me even more confused so I ignored them and looked online at a bunch of tutorials and got there in the end. As a result one of them is a bit stretched out, but the fabric sort of blends so it works (just).

All in all, I’m pretty happy with it, but if I was going to make another one I’d make it in black so I could wear it with more things and maybe lengthen it a little.

I’m headed to Europe for 5 weeks in Jan/Feb after saving up all year so I probably won’t be posting for awhile but next year I am hoping to be a bit more active. I’ve been sewing, it’s just finding a photographer (or creating a shoebox tripod) and the time; when essays are piling up it is not easy!
Till next time, and have a happy new year!


5 thoughts on “A Rigel

  1. Your jacket looks great! Well done on lining it, and what gorgeous fabric you’ve used! I used to have a navy wool bomber jacket I wore all the time, hmm you’ve just made me think it might be time to replace it. Enjoy your 5 weeks in Europe!


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